Colourname Other names Information Genetics Image
Black Base colour E_
Friesian Mare Black
Chestnut Sorrel Base colour ee
Arabian Mare Chestnut
Chestnut Flaxen Sorrel Flaxen on chestnut ee ff
Haflinger Stallion Chestnut
Liver Chestnut Darkened version of chestnut ee, N/A
Bay Common shade E_ A_
Mustang Stallion Bay
Dark Bay Brown Shade of bay or brown E_ A_
Shire Mare Bay
Wild Bay Light shade of bay E_A_
Arabian Mare Wild Bay
Seal Brown Brown, Seal Bay Dark shade of bay E_A_
Arabian Mare Seal Brown
Sooty Smutty, liver Goes on any colour N/A
Pangaré Mealy N/A
Grey Dappled grey, fleabitten grey Can cover any other colour G_
Camargue Mare Grey
Palomino Cream on chestnut ee CR/n
Akhal Mare Palomino
Buckskin Cream on bay or brown E_A_ CR/n
Smoky Black Cream on black E_ CR/n
Cremello Double cream on chestnut ee CR/CR
Perlino Double cream on bay or brown E_A_ CR/CR
Smoky Cream Double cream on black E_ CR/CR
Bay pearl Double pearl on bay or brown E_A_ prl/prl
Black pearl Double pearl on black E_ prl/prl
Chestnut pearl Double pearl on chestnut ee prl/prl
Buckskin pearl Pearl and cream on bay or brown E_A_ CR/prl
Palomino pearl Pearl and cream on chestnut ee CR/prl
Smoky black pearl Pearl and cream on black E_ CR/prl
Bay dun Brown dun Dun on bay or brown E_A_ D_
Quarter Mare Dun Bay
Chestnut dun Red dun Dun on chestnut ee D_
Quarter Mare Dun Chestnut
Grullo Grulla, black dun Dun on black E_ D_
Quarter Mare Dun Black
Dunalino Palomino dun Dun on palomino ee CR/n D_
Dunskin Buckskin dun Dun on buckskin E_A_ CR/n D_
Amber Champagne Champagne on bay E_A_ CH_
Quarter Mare Champagne Bay
Classic Champagne Champagne on black E_ CH_
Quarter Mare Champagne Black
Gold Champagne Champagne on chestnut ee CH_
Quarter Mare Champagne Chestnut
Sable Champagne Champagne on brown E_A_ CH_
Silver bay Silver on bay or brown E_A_ Z_
Silver black Silver dapple, taffy, chocolate Silver on black E_ Z_
Icelandic Stallion Silver Black
Lethal White OLWOLW

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