As of this moment competitions are generated by the system. We will implement some extra features once the Riding Clubs are working, which will give clubs the possibility to create competitions.

Every continent has their own set of competitions. New competitions are generated every 3 hours.

Requirements to enter a horse in a competition

  • Have at least 25 HRC on your bank account;
  • The horse needs to be at least 3 years old;
  • The horse's selected discipline should match the competition's discipline you are trying to enter;
  • The level of the horse needs to match the level of the competition you want to enter;
  • The horse needs to be in the same location as the owner. Since you cannot travel with your horses yet, you can only enter a horse in a competition when you are in the same continent as your estate.

Competition rewards

While winning competitions doesn't reward you with anything yet, you will receive 10XP for each horse that you enter in a competition.

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