Conformation shows can be manually generated by a player for each breed on each continent every 3 hours. Every show takes 3 hours to finish, if the show is done it will take 30 minutes for the rewards to be handed out. When a show is completed a player can start a new show.

Requirements to enter a horse in a conformation show

  • Have at least 25 HRC on your bank account, which will be used as an entrance fee;
  • The horse needs to be in the same location as the owner. Since you cannot travel with your horses yet, you can only enter a horse in a conformation show when you are on the same continent as your estate;
  • The horse needs to have at least 15% energy, which will be used upon entering the conformation show.


Category: Foals

  • Horse needs to be below 3 years old;

Category: Mares

  • Horse needs to be at least 3 years old;

Category: Stallions (and geldings)

  • Horse needs to be at least 3 years old.


A real equestrian would always groom his horse before going to any kind of horse event, which means we've included the grooming of the horse in all scores. We've also included a show factor, which is kind of a random number that affects the total score of the horse. This is to make sure you won't have the same scores each time and displays the horse's flair of that day. He can be grumpy and lazy one day, while the next day he might strut his stuff and show that he's the prettiest of all.


The score for the exterior of your horse is determined by checking the stats of the horse's body. These stats cannot be affected, however knowing the result can help you to breed better build horses.

Earning premiums

While entering a conformation show, your horse is able to earn premiums and predicates.

  • 1st premium: score of 80+ points
  • 2nd premium: score between 70 and 79.99 points
  • 3rd premium: score between 60 and 69.99 points

Earning predicates

Since most countries have their own set of rules within the horse registries, we decided to create our own predicate system within Horse Reality. The predicates are mostly based on the predicates that are earned by Friesians and Dutch Warmbloods in The Netherlands.

We're still testing if things work out or not. Depending on the outcome we might change (some of the) requirements.

There are 6 different types of predicates to be earned:

  1. Star
  2. Proven
  3. Sport (not integrated yet)
  4. Performance (not integrated yet)
  5. Clinical approved
  6. Approved stud (not integrated yet)

Requirements: Star predicate

The horse or foal needs to have earned three 1st premiums at conformation shows.

Requirements: Proven predicate

In order to earn a proven predicate the horse needs to be at least 3 years old. The requirements are different based on the sex of the horse. Stallions can produce offspring more easily than a mare, which would give them an advantage if it would be the same.


  1. At least 8 descendants with star predicates
  2. Or at least 1 approved stud in her offspring


  1. At least 20 descendants with star predicates
  2. Or at least 3 approved studs in his offspring

Requirements: Clinical approved predicate

The Clinical approved predicate is for stallions only in order to become an approved stud (not integrated yet), he needs to have this predicate. To earn this predicate the stallion needs to have good health and good quality sperm, which means that his health stats should be 75+ points.

You can only check this by sending the stallion to the veterinarian, starting at the age of 7.