During the open beta of Horse Reality we will have a limited number of breeds in the game. As we finish more artwork, we will add more in the future. Below is a list of the breeds that we are working on or that are finished.

Horse Breeds
  1. Akhal-Teke
  2. Arabian horse
  3. Black Forest horse
  4. Brabant horse
  5. Camargue horse
  6. Exmoor pony
  7. Fjord horse
  8. Friesian horse
  9. Gypsy horse
  10. Haflinger horse
  11. Hanoverian horse
  12. Icelandic horse
  13. Kladruber horse
  14. Lipizzaner horse
  15. Mustang horse
  16. Noriker horse
  17. Norman Cob
  18. Oldenburg horse
  19. Pura Raza Española
  20. Quarter horse
  21. Shetland pony
  22. Shire horse
  23. Suffolk Punch
  24. Trakehner horse
  25. Welsh pony

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