Very rare and old breed from the Czech Republic. Originally bred as carriage horse, but nowadays also used as a dressage horse. One of the characteristics of this breed is that they are really easygoing and cooperative. Besides that you can also recognize them quite easily because of their Roman nose (convex face).

Colour genetics

As with other breeds who've focussed on carriage horses, also the kladrubers have been selected for uniformity and colour. It makes it relatively easy to get horses for a six-span carriage who all look the same. Most kladrubers are grey or black with little to no white markings. Bay and chestnut are available in the breed, but extremely rare.

The horses with grey have been selected from origin to lighten early. Regularly depigmentation occurs, causing the grey skin around the mouth, nose and eyes to become pink. It makes them even lighter. Recent crosses with black horses have resulted in more dappled horses. Similar to the lippizaner horse.

White markings are very rare in the black bloodlines. These horses have been selected to look-a-like as much as possible, and white markings would make that procedure much harder. The grey lines do have white markings, but they quickly become invisible once the horses become white.