There are currently four available university courses in Horse Reality. The courses are all accessible right from the start, however the course length's and prices are different. After completing a course, you are able to start your own company.

Choose wisely, because you can only follow one course at the time and have one company. When owning a company, you can earn money by selling your services or sell handmade items.

Course Summary

Molecular Sciences

After completing this course, you can call yourself a scientist. A scientist has the ability to start their own laboratory. Players can come here to test their horses' colour genetics or their stallion's semen.

During certain events scientists might also be able to create vaccines or research to find a cure for newly discovered diseases.

Blacksmithing and Saddlemaking

After completing this course, you can call yourself a blacksmith. The blacksmith can start their own shop where they will trim a horse's hooves or cure hoof diseases.

In a later stage the blacksmith will be able to create tack and horse carriage's.

Veterinary Sciences

After completing this course, you can call yourself a veterinarian. The veterinarian can start their own animal clinic. Players will come here to get their horses' regular checkups and vaccinations, stallions can get gelded and more.

Horse Nutrition & Farming (not implemented yet)

After completing this course, you can become a horse feed producer. The horse feed producer is able to start their own farm and plant seeds to grow crops. After harvesting, the crops and seeds can be used to create different kinds of horse fodder, which can be bought by other players.